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About Me

Magnus Carlssen

Voice Actor

As a child, I loved to read. I devoured books faster than the librarians could check them out. I spent a large proportion of my child and young adult years curled up with books.

Somewhere in my adulthood,I began to slow down my reading. There were always more important things that needed doing. By the time my first child arrived, I never read at all.

And then I began to read again.

I read children’s books, aloud, nearly every day. Most books ten times. I began to look forward to the narrative performance, to the lyrical rhythm of well-written books. I began to enjoy the speaking more than the reading itself.

In 2020, during the pandemic lockdown, I won principal roles in two headline audio dramas. At the same time, I began narrating in earnest. In 2022, I left the corporate world for good and now narrate full-time.

I hope you enjoy these performances as much as I enjoyed giving them.

CIRCA 2004-2009

Assistant Camera, Motion Pictures.

6 feature film credits, a dozen commercial/brand-film credits.

CIRCA 2010-2016

Freelance cinematographer, senior editor.

Brand films, commercials, even one or two PA gigs for Treehouse Masters.

CIRCA 2017 - 2021

Senior IT Support Technician.

Ever talked an Amish grandpa through resetting a printer, over the phone? Don’t be jealous.


Voice actor, podcast host, audiobook narrator.