LIFEFORMS – We Are The Pigs

LIFEFORMS – We Are The Pigs

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J.H.M Okthos


October 10, 2020

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J.H.M Okthos, Author/Editor


Audio Drama

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A trippy excerpt from a thoughtfully creative short story collection.

J.H.M. Okthos, author of the book “Lifeforms“, has released a trio of excerpts from the book in audiovisual form, one of which I had the pleasure of narrating.

For centuries man has wondered about alien life, looking up at the stars and imagining another planet like Earth, another civilization like ours, another consciousness as intelligent as us.

What about alien life which is not like us? Beings which are too different to communicate with, too bizarre to comprehend, or too advanced to deal with on equal terms?

Lifeforms is a short story collection that aims to conceive of the unimaginable, and to blow away our comfortable preconceptions of how first contact might go. From shape-shifting artefacts that exist outside of our timespan, to mind-altering superstructures, via addictive, corruptive technologies and different dimensions of existence.

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