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The Nebulous Saga

After nearly fifteen years of video and audio production, I’ve worked in nearly every department of a show, from acting to coffee runs. Throughout these adventures, telling stories remained the constant joy, and became the driving force behind producing The Nebulous Saga. My experiments in 2019-2020 with ultra-short-form audio drama naturally led to creating an original episodic show, and in late 2020 I approached my colleague Jane Maree, an Australian writer, about collaborating to adapting her short series The Nebulous Saga for audio.

The project became a worldwide enterprise, with award-winning actors on multiple continents, a team of composers, an award-winning sound designer, and several artists creating concepts and titles for the show. After over a year in production, the show was finally released as an exclusive featurette via Apple Podcasts for the sci-fi epic The Madness of Chartrulean on October 26, 2022.

The show will release publicly on all platforms in early 2023.

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