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The Havok Story Podcast

This post first published on March 21, 2020.

I’m very pleased to finally announce this brand-new project, in collaboration with Havok Publishing. I’ve been working with Havok authors for quite some time (see <a href=”https://www.carlssen.co.uk/video/the-messenger”>The Messenger</a> and <a href=”https://www.carlssen.co.uk/video/the-misfits/”>The Misfits</a>), and I was elated when Havok approached me to discuss doing a regular podcast series. I’d been secretly wanting to work with Havok for ages!

We’ve got quite a lineup ready to go, and I think you’ll like the stories we’ve already selected for our first season (but we’ll gladly take your suggestions if you have favorites!). We will release a new story every other week, year round – so twenty-six stories a year, plus the odd Holiday Special.

I hope you enjoy —

The HAVOK STORY PODCAST. Listen via anchor.fm and all other podcatchers!

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