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What Was That Like Podcast

The question that has led to the rise, and fall, of entire civilizations.

I had the pleasure of recording some narration for Scott Johnson of the “What Was That Like” podcast. Prior to recording the story, we had some very interesting conversation about why we choose the stories we do, and what speaks to us about them.

The story that I read for Scott originally came from Reddit, and while we don’t know for sure whether the story is true or not, it’s definitely reasonable to say that, if so, it’s very interesting how sometimes people will come up with outlandish ways to extricate themselves from an awkward or embarrassing situation – only to create an even more embarrassing situation as a result of their ridiculous plan.

The What Was That Like podcast is a show about real people in real situations. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re sad, sometimes they’re simply extraordinary. Scott has been able to sit down and talk to some very interesting people (62 episodes to date!) and has collected some incredible stories.

The story that I read is available through Scott’s podcast Patreon, in his mid-level tier, so you’ll need to subscribe to hear it – but you can listen to the podcast itself for free at www.whatwasthatlike.com, and live vicariously in some very special circumstances through other people’s eyes.

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